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The Communards – You Are My World – 1985


    There is nothing boy that can stop my course
    I will hold you tight never let you go
    Tomorrow’s party will never end
    Like a bud in spring our love will bloom and grow

    Your eyes to me are precious stones
    On a face that’s made of a solid gold
    When I hold your hand I want to cry
    And your loving arms to protect me
    from the could you are my world

    The soul inside now belongs to you
    I’m drowning in a love so deep
    We will overcome those ups and downs
    So happiness is forever ours to keep

    I will follow you to the end of time
    I will be the blood flowing through your veins
    I will ride with you till the end of the line

    You will be my everything; my world
    You are; you are; you are; you are,
    Oh boy; you are my world.