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The Art of Noise with Max Headroom – Paranoimia – 1986


    You’re quite safe here

    Am I dreaming, no
    Where am I, in bed
    Well, what am I doing
    Oh, talking to myself

    Look, I must have
    A star on my door
    Or better still
    A door-a doo-a door
    Ah, swing doors up
    O-o-o-okay doors, swing


    Now I know I’m dreaming
    Dreaming, dreaming
    Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming
    Hmmm, how do I get to sleeep
    I know, I’ll count
    Those bars on the window
    One, two, three, sleep

    Paranoimia, paranoimia

    Paranoimia, paranoimia…..How do I get
    How do I get to sleep
    Please let me sleep
    Po-po-poetry, that’ll work

    Come sweet slumber
    Enshroud me in thy purple cloak
    Hmmm, doesn’t even rhyme

    Is that my teas made
    Paranoimia paranoiI cant stand tea
    Tea, tea, tea, tea….

    Paranoimia, paranoimia…..

    Ahhh, Happy Harry’s High Club
    How do I, how am I
    Gonna get to sleep

    Trust me, trust me….