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Samantha Fox – Love House – 1988


    Are you ready to do things tonight
    That you never dreamed were possible?
    Let, let let’s go
    (I hope so)

    Love house, house, house

    Want to visit a house, hmmm?
    I am ready, anything
    Follow me

    There’s love in my house for fun, wee
    There’s love in my house for you
    There’s love in my house, you won’t be sorry
    ‘Cos I know just what to do

    I’ll be good to you

    It’s Friday night, I’ll burn heat
    I’m dynamite, just touch me
    and I’ll explode, yeah

    This is Sam Fox, I have some fun
    Whose you are? This is Samantha

    Love house

    I’ll open the door, come closer
    Something good in stone, woo what you got me for, yeah
    This is Samantha

    Just knock
    I’ll be good to youI hope you enjoyed your visit to the house