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Kid Creole and the Coconuts – Endicott – 1985


    Endicott’s up by 5 o’clock
    Endicott’s givin’ it all he got
    Endicott’s job is six to nine but
    Endicott’s home by nine O five
    Endicott helps to cook the steak
    Endicott helps to wash the plates
    Endicott puts the kids to bed
    Endicott reads a book to them

    Endicott loves Tribena so
    Endicott puts her on a pedestal
    Endicott’s wish is her command but
    Endicott don’t make no demands
    Endicott’s always back in time
    Endicott’s not the cheatin’ kind
    Endicott’s full of compliment
    Endicott’s such a gentleman

    Cause I’m free
    Free of any made-to-order liabilities
    Thank God I’m free
    Cos it’s hard enough for me
    to take care of me, oh-oh

    Endicott’s carryin’ a heavy load but
    Endicott never really ever moans
    Endicott’s not a wealthy guy but
    Endicott pays the bills on time
    Endicott’s got ideas and plans
    Endicott’s what you call a real man
    Endicott always will provide ’cause
    Endicott is the family type

    Cause I’m free
    Freer than a pirate on a frigate out at sea
    Thank God I’m free
    Driftin’ all around just like a tumbleweed, oh-oh

    Maybe I need someone
    Someone who isn’t undone
    Maybe an older woman
    Will tolerate me
    Maybe that certain someone
    Older and wiser woman
    Maybe the perfect someone
    To satisfy me

    Endicott keeps his body clean
    Endicott don’t use nicotine
    Endicott don’t drink alcohol
    Endicott use no drugs at all
    Endicott don’t eat any sweet
    Endicott don’t eat pig feet
    Endicott’s frame is mighty strong
    Endicott make love hard and long

    Endicott loves Tribena so
    Endicott walks her to the sto’
    Endicott likes to hold her hand
    Endicott’s proud to be her man
    Endicott stands for decency
    Endicott means formality
    Endicott’s the epitome
    Endicott stands for quality


    Our love will be…