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Eurythmics – You Have Placed a Chill In My Heart – 1988


    Take me to the desert
    Where there’s got to be
    A whole heap of nothing
    For you and me
    Take me to the desert
    Take me to the sand
    Show me the colour of your right hand.

    Love is a temple
    Love is a shrine
    Buy some love at the five and dime
    A little bit of love
    From the counter store
    Get it on credit if you need some more.
    I’ll the figure of your disgrace
    A criss cross pattern upon your face
    A woman’s just too tired to think
    About the dirty old dishes in the kitchen sink.

    I wish I was invisible
    So I could climb through the telephone
    When it hurts my ear
    And it hurts my brain
    And it makes me feel too much
    Too much too much too much.
    Don’t cut me down
    When I’m talking to you
    ‘Cause I’m much too tall
    To feel that small.Love is a temple
    Love is a shrine
    Love is pure
    And love is blind
    Love is a religious sign
    I’m gonna leave this love behind.

    Love is hot and love is cold
    I’ve been bought and I’ve been sold
    Love is rock and love is roll
    I just want someone to hold