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Bomb The Bass – Megablast – 1988

    Paroles Don’t touch that dial! »Track fifty nine, zero four thirty hours… »
    (Do filme Apocalipse Now)There have been mixes and dance tracks
    Put together in the past
    But none can outrun
    Or equal the power of Megablast »Ah yeah! Check this out! »
    (Sampleado de Here We Go do Run D.M.C.) »Is that him? Could I be right? Could that be Kid Dynamite? »
    (Sampleado de Jimmy Walker, do album ‘Dyn-o-mite’)Thanks for turning it up, buy it for the…
    Hip hop, Kid DynamiteAll this scratching’s making me itch
    Hey, kick it, check it out,
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (x2) »Say turn it up! »
    (Sampleado de Bring The Noise do Public Enemy)It’s a megablast, it’s the real blast
    We gave it the name of megablast
    It’s the real blast, you know it’s gonna last
    We gave it the name of megablast