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Barry White & Isaac Hayes – Dark And Lovely (You Over There) – 1991


    I love your nature
    I love, baby I really love your eyes
    Innovative lady
    Believe me, you’re one of a kind
    You’re mystifying
    She’s mesmerizing
    Self relying
    So satisfying
    You’re really special
    And you’re so unique

    I love the way you’re sitting there
    And the way you stare at me
    Let’s create some romance
    The way making love should be

    Dark and lovely, see you over there
    High tech lady
    Independent world
    She’s captivating
    So stimulating
    Sometimes intimidating
    So illuminating
    You’re extra special
    From your head down to your feet
    The sexy way you’re sitting there
    The way you smile at me
    Let’s create some romance
    That only we can make

    Dark and lovely, you over there
    Romantic lady, independent world

    Like I just want you to know that
    You created a thirst in me that
    Only your arms can quench
    A hunger deep inside me that
    Only your love can sensuate
    Heaven baby, feed me
    Tiger, feed me