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Kim Wilde – Say You Really Want Me – 1986


    Why you always got to be so cool
    And why I always got to play your fool
    You don’t really know what life’s about
    Baby come and let your feelings out

    Say you really want me
    Don’t keep it to yourself
    Say you really need me
    Just me and no one else
    Say you really love me
    Ooh let me know it’s true
    Say you really want me
    The way that I want you tonight

    You don’t know a thing about romance
    Deep inside you’re scared to take the chance
    Cause love like this may never come again
    Make your move or I’ll be in the wind

    I need somebody through the thick and the thin
    Cause I know the problems of today
    The time is over now for playing those games
    Let’s take it all the way